4 More Health Insurance Options for 2018

4 More Health Insurance Options for 2018

Here are four more options for health insurance in 2018 if you're not on an employer's group health insurance plan.  Thanks to the friends, clients and viewers who chimed in with these options!

Hey folks!  Back with a couple more healthcare options for 2018.  The deadline for signing up for Affordable Care Act plans is December 15, which is quickly approaching.  Thanks to some friends, readers and viewers, I have a few more health insurance options for next year.  The first is a real option that looks pretty good if you qualify.  The other three are kind of riffing on a theme based on one of the options I presented last time.


So first one is TRICARE (www.tricare.mil) for retired reservists, their families or their survivors.  If you’re a retired reservist or the family of a retired reservist, I think it might be a good option for you.

Now, I have three similar options to Medishare (https://mychristiancare.org/medi-share/) which was the Christian-based medical expense sharing community that I mentioned in the last video.

Aliera Healthcare

The first one is Aliera Healthcare (www.alierahealthcare.com),

Samaritan Ministries

The second is Samaritan Ministries (samaritanministries.org),

Liberty HealthShare

and the third is Liberty HealthShare.  (libertyhealthshare.org)

Now, these three are all very similar in that you are -- I’m not gonna say required -- but it seems like they're asking for proof that you're a Christian.  It sounds like there is some vetting of this where they have to talk to your pastor in some cases.  So if you’re someone who is not a Christian and you're not really a churchgoer and you're thinking, "I can fake this," maybe there are some hoops for you to jump through.

Also there are people who think that these types of plans may be a scam as well.  Scam is kind a strong word, but after reviewing it in just a cursory fashion, there is no guarantee that some of these places will actually pay your medical expenses, so look at the fine print.

If you’re a Christian you thinking about one of these medical expense sharing communities, please look at the fine print!  I think it was Samaritan Ministries or Liberty HealthShare that some folks were concerned.  There was phrasing in some parts of the contract saying that there’s no guarantee that the other folks in the group would step up and cover your medical expenses.  Given that the premiums for these things are or are not insignificant, there's a little bit of a risk associated with these communities.  So please check!

That’s all I have for now.  Again, there are not a whole lot of great options out there if you’re not covered under a group plan.

The new year is coming up soon!  If you are still out there and still don’t have a financial plan -- if you’re wondering if you’re going to be OK in retirement  -- hope is not a strategy.  Give me a call and let's make a New Year’s resolution to get your financial affairs in order for the coming year.  I'll walk through the process.  It will take a little bit of effort on your part.  Nothing worth doing is easy.  But it’s a lot easier than trying to figure all this stuff out when you’re retired and broke.  So let's make a plan in 2018!



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