Pricing & Services


No commissions or sales incentives. Ever.

We are paid via:

  • A percentage of managed assets,

  • Monthly retainer,

  • A flat-fee.

No charge for initial financial analysis.

Financial Planning

Do you need help figuring out if you’re on the right path? Let’s create some clarity around your goals, budgeting, insurance, investments, taxes, buying a home, saving for college, saving for retirement and much, much more.

Starting at $5,000 per year and increasing with complexity.

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Planning & Investments

Are you looking for both financial clarity and help with your investments? Here, we combine our in-depth financial planning with our investment management services into one “done for you” service.

Under $1 million: 1.25%

Over $1 million: 1.00%

Minimum fee of $5,000 per year

The Financial Planning Process »

Our Investment Philosophy

Investment Management

Tired of trying figure it all out for yourself? We bring an engineer’s mentality to a metrics-based investment process. By focusing on the factors that we can control, you can relax and ignore the noise that causes most investors to make critical mistakes.

Under $1 million: 1.25%

Over $1 million: 1.00%

Minimum investment amount: $400,000.

Our Investment Philosophy »